Deep gradient boosting for regression problems

Intellectual Systems and Technologies

Deep Forest is a new machine-learning algorithm that combines the advantages of Deep Neural Networks and Decision Trees. It uses representation learning and allows building accurate compositions with a small amount of training data. A significant disadvantage of this approach is the inability to apply it directly to regression problems. First, feature generation method should be determined. Secondly, when replacing classification models with regression models, the set of distinct values of the Deep Forest model becomes limited by the set of values of its last layer. To eliminate the shortcomings, a new model, the Deep gradient boosting is proposed. The main idea is to iteratively improve the prediction using a new feature space. Features are generated based on the predictions of previously constructed cascade layers, by transforming predictions to a probability distribution. To reduce the time of model construction and overfitting, a mechanism for points screening is proposed. Experiments show the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm, in comparison with many existing methods for solving regression problems.