A well-constructed reference list serves to confirm that your research is valuable and up-to-date.

Citing the sources correctly is a guarantee that the references cited are taken into account when assessing the authors’ (and their organization’s) research.

The recommended number of references is at least 50 for review papers and at least 15 for original papers, for the Briefs it should be about 8-10 references. At least 50% of the references should be to papers published in the last 5 years. Self-citations should not make up more than 10–20% of all references. At least 20% of the references should be to foreign sources.


References may include scientific papers, monographs, collections of papers, conference proceedings, electronic resources (with access dates), and patents.

As a rule, references should not include dissertations and dissertation abstracts (these references are may only be included if the results of the research have not yet been published, or have not been presented in sufficient detail).

References should not include textbooks, teaching aids, lecture notes, GOST standards and other normative documents, laws and regulations, as well as archival documents (if these sources still have to be included, they are cited in footnotes ).

· Please use this style for formatting references. References are formatted as follows:  Author A.A., Author B.B., Author C.C. Title of article. Title of journal, 2005, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 49-53. DOI: 10.18721/JCSTCS.10112

· Non-latin sources that have no translation into English are transliterated in the English-language reference list, with an approximate English translation given in square brackets. Sources are transliterated in accordance with the Library of Congress system (ALA-LC). (References are transliterated automatically once the manuscript is uploaded into the E-submission system).

· References are given at the end of the text and in the order they appear in the text. Each reference number is enclosed in square brackets. The number of citations in the text should correspond to the number of sources in the reference list.

· References to unpublished work are not allowed.

References to different types of sources should be formatted in accordance with the examples below.

CITATION EXAMPLE for St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University Journal. Computer Science. Telecommunication and Control Systems.

1. Loginov A.L., Potekhin V.V., Akulov D.V., Khritonenkov A.K., Poletaev I.G. Intelligent control system of autonomous wind farm. St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University Journal. Computer Science. Telecommunications and Control System. St. Petersburg: SPbGPU Publ., 2013, no. 5(181), pp. 50-57.(rus)


One-volume book

2. Chernorutskii I.G. Optimization methods. Computer technologies. St. Petersburg: BKhV–Petersburg Publ., 2011, 384 p.

3. Okhtilev M.Yu., Sokolov B.V., Iusupov R.M. Intellectual technologies for monitoring and management of structural dynamics of complex engineering objects. Moscow: Nauka, 2006, 410 p. 

Multi-volume book

4. Landau L.D., Liefshitz E.M., Theoretical physics, Vol. 3, Quantum mechanics, Nauka, Moscow, 1989.

Paper with two or three authors

5. Ivanov D.I., Tsikin I.A. Network remote access to a special-purpose simulation software environment. St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University Journal. 2007, Vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 7–12. DOI: 10.18721/JCSTCS.10112

Paper with four or more authors

6. Anikeeva M.S., Vinnichenko M.Ya., Firsov D.A., Vorobjev L.E., Tonkikh A.A., Optical absorption in quantum dots Ge/Si at different population densities of the dots states. St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University Journal: Physics and Mathematics, 2012, no. 4(158), pp. 9–15. DOI: 10.18721/JCSTCS.10112

Electronic resource

7. Atmel ATA5505, Available: (Accessed 08.02.2013)

Paper in proceedings or collection

8. Makarov A.S., Bolsunovskaya M.V. The method of obtaining orthographic top view for around view system at vehicles. Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE Conference of Russian Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2017. IEEE, 2017, Pp. 697–699. DOI: 10.18721/JCSTCS.10112


9. Struchkov I.V. Patent for the method of installation, administration and file backup of software. Patent RF, no 2445686. Prioritet 21.01.2010.