Application of the RF MEMS technology in modern wireless systems: A potential that has not yet been fully realized

MEMS Technologies: Theory and Practice

Today one of the key triggers of the development of research and development in the field of electronics, radio-frequency components, and systems, system integration and design, as well as information and communication technologies are such data network concepts as the Internet of Things, Internet of Everything, Tactical Internet and the most important among them is 5G – the 5th generation of mobile radio communications. This article presents a vision for the use of devices manufactured using microelectromechanical systems technology, namely passive radio-frequency microelectromechanical devices and systems in synergy with energy-harvesting microelectromechanical devices and systems in such new structural paradigms. The authors present their results on the development, manufacture and research of experimental samples of radio-frequency microelectromechanical switches that can meet the growing need for cutting-edge performance for currently deployed 5G NR FR1 (below 6 GHz) mobile networks or high-performance applications.