Digital MEMS microphones for remote monitoring system based on sound analysis

MEMS Technologies: Theory and Practice

Sounds emitted by mechanisms and organisms contain information that can be used to diagnose the current state of an object and make predictions. There are known examples of the use of sound for diagnostics of pipelines, composite materials, industrial equipment. In most cases, devices with one sensor and limited functionality are used for this purpose, requiring a specialist to be in close proximity to the object under analysis. The system includes a set of digital microelectromechanical (MEMS) microphones, information from which is transmitted via Bluetooth to the mobile device. The system in a round-the-clock mode quickly registers changes in the spectrum of the sound signaland indicates possible malfunctions, damage to equipment and materials, etc. This allows preventing irreversible consequences. In this system, it is expedient to use digital MEMS microphones due to their low power consumption and low sensitivity to environmental influences, which is an important factor when deploying a remote monitoring system of industrial equipment.