Management Technology for the Cloud Service of the Telematics Map in the Intelligent Transportation System

Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks

Continuous access to services from a mobile device improves safety and provides ecological functioning of the transport infrastructure of metropolitan agglomerations. The quality of these services is determined by two-way communication between the vehicle and the stationary high-performance computing (HPC) system. As the signal strength in global and local networks varies, there is a need for new approaches to provide a continuous data transfer between the vehicle and the stationary HPC system in highly dynamic networks. One of the promising ways to increase the duration of stable communication between the vehicle and the HPC system is through getting a list of available networks from an external source, e.g., a telematics map, which is a set of low-level methods that ensure the formation and management of the list of networks. Such a set allows retrieving data on the telematics environment from vehicles, summarizing it on a geographical and temporal basis, and implementing the vehicle requests for the data of the generalized map to plan connections to available telematics resources. The article describes a new technology that helps to establish the data networks of vehicles by using the telematics map and the multiprotocol node. The technology is based on collecting network data from multiprotocol nodes, transmitting the collected data to the cloud service of the telematics map, summarizing the data and executing queries about the available networks in a given region. Thus, the paper proposes a fully automatic technology to manage the data on the telematics environment of a region. In order to test the proposed approach, a prototype of the information system was implemented. Its tests demonstrated the feasibility of the technical solutions in regard to managing the lists of wireless networks as applied to vehicles.