Optimization and control system of power consumption based on virtual power plant technology

Simulations of Computer, Telecommunications, Control and Social Systems

In modern society, the problem of electricity is becoming more and more acute. Until now, most of the electricity has been produced from non-renewable sources: oil, gas, coal and the like. Moreover, the use of such resources leads to environmental pollution and depletion of the Earth's interior. Despite the lack and finiteness of non-renewable energy resources, we can still face excessive energy production. This problem arises due to the fact that it is impossible to accurately predict in advance the amount of electricity that the consumer will need. This, in turn, entails obtaining a significant amount of unused electricity. The use of virtual power plant technology will help to solve this problem. Nowadays, mobile technologies that allow you to solve important issues and problems from anywhere in the world are becoming increasingly popular. These portable technologies, along with the technology of a virtual power plant, will simplify the control of electricity production and costs.