Micromechanical sensors design method based on system-level modeling

MEMS Technologies: Theory and Practice

This paper proposes a design method for micromechanical inertial sensors with force feedback electromechanical loop with delta-sigma modulator. Development of such sensors requires application of modern design methods, including modeling at system level, model refinement based on results of finite element modeling and modeling of individual electronic blocks at circuit level, as well as implementation of a digital twin based on results of an experimental study of sensors samples. Such a complex approach to sensor design is caused by high requirements to sensor characteristics (both in terms of dynamic range and accuracy), the need to consider the impact of external factors and the various physics to describe the processes, the impossibility of rapid prototyping, the influence of technological process parameters on sensor characteristics, etc. In this regard, this paper proposes a comprehensive method for the design of micromechanical sensors based on the construction of the system model. This paper represents the results of an experimental study of the force feedback type sensor using the proposed method.