Information modeling for cultural preservation: Portico of the New Hermitage and Atlas sculptures. Part 2. Methods and algorithms

Intellectual Systems and Technologies

This article presents the results of interaction between SPbPU and the State Hermitage in a promising direction of using the latest achievements in the field of information technology in solving problems of preserving cultural heritage, using the example of information modeling of the Portico of the New Hermitage building and Atlas sculptures based on laser scanning data. This part of the work presents the results of the development of digital technologies for solving urgent problems of preserving cultural heritage objects. One of the main symbols of St. Petersburg, the Portico of the New Hermitage building, was chosen as the object of testing the technique. The authors present the developed methodology for collecting and processing spatial data about the elements of a cultural heritage object to build an adequate digital model of the object based on appropriate digital technologies. The following results of the technique approbation are analyzed: creation of a hybrid points cloud of Portico as the basis for the formation of an information model; creation of high-precision models of Portico Atlas sculptures based on point clouds; creation of a parametric families library of the Portico individual elements; creation of the Portico informational model; creation of a finite element model of the main elements of the Portico for stress analysis. The approbation showed the robustness of the proposed method.