Information modeling for cultural preservation: Portico of the New Hermitage and Atlas sculptures. Part 1: Basic approaches and approbation results

Intellectual Systems and Technologies

This article presents the results of interaction between Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and the State Hermitage in a promising direction of using the latest achievements in the field of information technology in solving the problems of preserving cultural heritage. The authors use information modeling of the portico of the New Hermitage building and Atlas sculptures based on laser scanning data as an example. An overview of modern technologies currently used to preserve historical sites is presented. The main advantages obtained through the use of new technologies and the capabilities of modern software systems focused on working with information models are demonstrated. Digital representations of the building structures calculation results of the portico of the New Hermitage are analyzed. In addition, on the basis of the study of the stress-strain state of the entire structure, the reasons for the formation of cracks on the wrists and ankles of the granite Atlas sculptures were analyzed. The possibility of using the created model for reproducing an object using modern technologies of three-dimensional printing is shown.