Top-down design of integrated transceiver: Peculiarity and teaching method using EDA Advanced Design System (ADS)

Circuits and Systems for Receiving, Transmitting and Signal Processing

Requirements for the degree of integration, cost, power consumption of transceivers are constantly increasing. In this regard, at present, transceivers are built based on integrated circuits. For the successful development of an integrated transceivers, it is necessary to use the principles of top-down design and end-to-end design, implemented in EDA. The article examines the features and methods of teaching students to develop integrated transceivers in accordance with the principle of the top-down design. The proposed teaching methodology allows students to learn how to use system and circuit modeling tools using EDA Advanced Design System (ADS) produced by Keysight as an example and to study a design flow that includes the following stages: system-level design, block-level design, schematic-level design and layout level design.