Data processing by end devices in IoT systems

Information Technologies

This paper presents a correlation method for processing data on end devices and reducing the amount of data transmitted over the network. Instead of expensive and complex network devices, developers can use cheap and proven low-speed Internet of Things (ZigBee, NB IoT, BLE) solutions for data transfer. The novelty lies in one of the features of this approach: the use of components for analysis, rather than a complete copy of the signals, as well as processing directly on the sensor. The advantage of this approach allows you to reduce the number of operations and complexity of implementation, in contrast to other methods focused on the cloud computing paradigm. We provide results for correlation values and the number of logical elements (LE) when implemented on the FPGA, depending on the number of elements in the correlator. This allows to maintain a balance between the required calculation accuracy and spent hardware resources, as well as to simplify the end device.