Software package for managing material resources of sheet метаl with elements of DSS

Software of Computer, Telecommunications and Control Systems

At engineering enterprises, where a significant share of material costs are the sheet metal costs, the rational use of the sheet metal material resources has an influence on the technological costs and other technical and economic indicators of the enterprise operating activities. That is why the question of increasing a sheet metal utilization rate is relevant at the engineering enterprises. In order to solve this question, the using of rational cutting methods of sheet metal and the using of sheet metal residues after cutting in following technological processes are researched in the work. The objective of the research is to develop a software package, which includes a decision support system, for managing of sheet metal material resources. The DSS will help in operational making of rational cutting cards and in operational and substantiated sorting of the cutting residues into business and non-business ones. The software package will allow increasing the sheet metal utilization rate. Requirements for the software are presented, its structure is described, the features of its construction based on interacting CAD/CAM and ERP-systems are formulated, the algorithms of individual software modules and these practical implementation are proposed in the article.