The Mobile Robot Motion Control Algorithms for the Pursuit Problem

System Analysis and Control

The paper suggests the mobile wheeled robot motion control algorithms for the pursuit problem which allow implementing control when the information about the pursued robot motion is incomplete. Kinematic equations with state variables are used as the control target. Linear and angular velocities are considered as the pursuing robot controls. Linear and angular velocities are perturbations of uncertain nature for the pursued robot. Algorithms with feedback are based on the method of compensation and classical approach to control systems astatism. Lyapunov’s methods are used in the stability analysis for the closed loop system, as well as to adjust the control algorithms. The theoretical results are confirmed by computer simulation. The trajectories and plots of the processes in the closed loop system are presented for the case of the random maneuvers of the pursued robot. There are shown the reversionary trajectories of the pursued robot in case the pursuing robot does not reach the target.