A method for evaluating the lighting parameters of digital video projectors in real operating conditions

Circuits and Systems for Receiving, Transmitting and Signal Processing

The article briefly examines modern standards regulating the measurement of lighting parameters of digital video projectors. It is pointed out that existing standards do not have the ability to take into account the settings of video projectors that are performed after factory calibration at the places of their operation. The authors proposed a method for setting and measuring the output lighting parameters of a video projector, which affect the quality of the resulting image, in a real room other than a completely dark room. Following this method, it is possible to obtain reliable values of the lighting parameters of the video projector directly in the room where it is operated, which is especially important for the multimedia video projector market. This takes into account the operating conditions and service life of the video projector, and in particular factors such as the imposition of external highlights on the illumination of the screen and the design features of the lighting and projection systems of projectors. An experiment is described to measure the luminous flux, contrast and brightness of eight video projectors for different market segments with different service life. It is concluded that the obtained values of lighting parameters are more reliable in comparison with those indicated by projector manufacturers in the specifications.