Features of centimeter-band filter-bank design based on GaAs pHEMT-technology

Circuits and Systems for Receiving, Transmitting and Signal Processing

This article presents the results of the filter-bank design in the centimeter range. The filters are made in the form of microwave monolithic integrated circuits based on domestic GaAs pHEMT technology. The filter-bank includes bandpass filters operating in four subbands of the total frequency band 5.8 ... 18.2 GHz. The developed filters have VSWR of no more than 1.5 in the passband. Stopband suppression at 30% offset or more from the passband center frequency is more than 45 dB. When constructing filters of different subranges, different implementation options were used: lumped filters and microstrip filters based on interdigital and hairpin structures. Using the example of the microstrip bandpass filters design, the article discusses the features of modeling microwave monolithic integrated circuits in the AWR Design Environment.