Influence of technological processes on the uncertainty of systems measu-ring liquefied natural gas energy

Information, Control and Measurement Systems

The article shows a new measuring technology and a statistical approach to control the measured values and parameters of technological processes that reduce the uncertainty of systems measuring the amount of liquefied natural gas energy (LNG). An increase in the consumption of liquefied natural gas requires the use of measuring technologies that take into account changes in physical and chemical properties, process parameters, and other factors affecting the uncertainty of measuring systems at subzero temperatures of working fluids. A measuring technology is presented that takes into account the influence of technological processes and changes in the properties of LNG. The application of a statistical approach to the control of measured values makes it possible to reduce the influence of technology and changes in physico-chemical properties on the uncertainty of the of systems measuring mass, volume, density and energy of LNG. The developed system of metrological support increases the accuracy of measurement systems of LNG energy by 1.5–2 times. The solution is relevant for information and measurement systems for determining the amount of energy of liquefied hydrogen.