A set of simulation models of workflow elements for transactional services of infocommunication systems

Simulations of Computer, Telecommunications, Control and Social Systems

This article describes the development of a set of simulation models for workflow elements related to transactional services in infocommunication systems. The article presents modeling methods used to calculate, analyze and predict various indicators of the quality of infocommunication services, such as delays, service delivery time and productivity. The necessity of using this method is due to the reduction of labor costs for modeling complex systems and the evaluation of the rationality of the developed mathematical models. The article presents the results of the study in the form of a library of components for simulation modeling, which can be used to improve the quality of transactional services in the development of modern high-load infocommunication systems. The approach described in the article is an effective tool for research and optimization of the quality of transactional services. It can be applied in various areas where analysis and improvement of the performance of data processing systems are required, including for the development of integrated solutions for big data processing, cloud computing or the development of digital counterparts of infocommunication infrastructure.