ANGD-circuits on impedance converters with stabilizing feedback

Circuits and Systems for Receiving, Transmitting and Signal Processing

Active electric circuits of arbitrary order with negative group delay (NGD) are proposed, implemented on the basis of Bessel polynomials using impedance converters. The circuits contain operational amplifiers (op-amp), resistors and capacitors. The parameters of the elements are found sequentially from the equations obtained by equating the symbolic and numerical values of the coefficients. At the same time each equation can be solved independently of the others. The stability of the circuits is ensured by the use of an op-amp with internal negative feedback or universal op-amp with external negative feedback. The circuits have the flattest frequency function of the NGD, uniform frequency response and provide non-distorting transmission of voltage pulses over a wider range of durations than the known multi-stage circuits from first-order active circuits.