Development of a new methodology for acceptance testing of refrigeration appliances

Information, Control and Measurement Systems

Each manufactured refrigerator must be subject to acceptance testing to make sure every single unit complies with the heat and power characteristics prescribed by the state standard for each individual type of refrigerators (the types differ in the number of chambers, the number of compressors, etc.). The standard indicates only the parameters that the device must comply with, while the testing method is not regulated and is chosen by the manufacturer in accordance with the specifics of production or is developed by the manufacturer independently. The object of this work is the possibility of using a new technique for measuring the heat-and-power characteristics of the device. Based on the results of the comparative analysis with the existing methods, the differences of the new method are indicated, the advantages of its use are given in comparison with the existing and currently used control methods in Russia and other countries. Considering the comparative characteristics, such advantages of the new technique as saving production space, exclusion of the human factor, saving energy costs were found.