Improving the efficiency of traffic management in a metropolis based on computer simulation

Intellectual Systems and Technologies

This article considers an algorithm for traffic management. The process of simulation modeling of traffic flow at a road intersection in a metropolis is described. The optimization of the obtained simulation model is performed in the software system of simulation maintenance Anylogic. The application of the developed model is shown on the real example of a megalopolis road intersection. We considered the classification of highways, and analyzed the built model on the basis of the existing megalopolis crossroads, which allowed us to obtain the data comparable with the existing system. We considered and adopted methods to solve the high traffic problem by re-organizing the intersection using simulation modeling. The final system showed a 27 % throughput growth in the whole system and a 40 % growth in the main direction without traffic jams. The analysis shows the prospects of using the proposed simulation model to study real-world traffic flow management processes in order to study their behavior.