Dynamic design of high-precision gas flowmeters

Information, Control and Measurement Systems

Electrohydrodynamic phenomena are effective in various applications of electric fields when controlling volumes, jets and flows of dielectric liquid. Nowadays, one of the most important issues in this area is the implementation of gas saving technologies as well as incensement of their efficiency. It is possible to raise the accuracy of current flowmeters of variable pressure drop on narrowing devices (ND) (which occupy around 70-80 % of the whole world market) by applying innovative compensatory flowmeters with electrohydrodynamic (EH) pressure compensation. At the same time negative inverse connection covers all the signal conversion chain, which makes it possible to exclude an error of each link inside the conversion chain after ND. This article describes the stages of development of an innovative electrohydrodynamic pressure compensation gas flowmeters with electrohydrodynamic inverters (EHI-2F) by using dynamic design and computer methods. They are competitive on the market in terms of accuracy, speed and sensitivity to pressure drop on the ND.