Synthesis of the discrete regulator by re-equipment method taking into account the delay in a computer device

System Analysis and Control

The technique of synthesis of a discrete regulator of an electromechanical system by the methods of re-equipment is considered: Euler, inverse differences, Tastin. A comparative analysis of the discrete systems obtained was carried out. Based on the results of experiments performed in the Simulink environment, the necessity of taking into account the lag time in a digital computing device at the stage of synthesis of a continuous regulator is shown. The comparative dependences of the quality indicators of the synthesized system on the quantization interval T of the discrete part of the automatic control system with different methods of conversion are presented. It is shown that with an increase in the quantization interval in a discrete system, the overshoot increases. With the growth of T, there is an increase in the delay in the reaction of a discrete system to a single step function with respect to the reaction of a continuous system. The best results are obtained by the conversion of the regulator using the method of inverse differences, the worst – the Euler method.