Ultrasound image reconstruction based on waveform inversion method using parallel calculation algortihms

Software of Computer, Telecommunications and Control Systems

Ultrasound tomography is actively developing area that requires effective research and development efforts in forward and inverse problems solution for wave equation. In this work  different methods of image reconstruction from elastic wave field are investigated and original algorithm for two-dimensional ultrasound imaging is suggested. Full reflection wave field including absorption was modeled by means of forward problem for 2-D acoustic wave equation solution for inhomogeneous elastic media. Invers problem is solved by optimization algorithm  for two-dimentional full waveform inversion of reflection wave field. The main features of the software application design are described, using parallel calculation techniques for the modeling process efficiency improvement. The testing results are discussed and algorithm steps are validated for correctness. The advantages of the proposed approach are accuracy and stability of the solution with improved computational efficiency.