Improvement of intellectual transport systems by mobile technologies and procedures of analysis of social activity of urban population

Software of Computer, Telecommunications and Control Systems

We have analyzed cellular communication as part of intelligent transport systems to collect information on traffic flows and mobility of the population. A model of the monitoring system of social activity of urban population is developed in the set theory interpretation. The reliability of the model is demonstrated on the example of the mobile application «City Navigator». The application is developed in the Xcode 9 environment in Swift 3, and the data analysis system is developed in Python 3.X. The application allows to assess the quality of urban system objects and take into account the infrastructure, transport, consumer, location, mediaevents (photoregistration) and news recommendations (comments) of user activity, and draw users’ GPS tracks in accordance with the USCCTEI and ICD-10 with the classification of interobject relations. The possibility of integrating a mobile application with transport modeling and control systems is demonstrated. The practical guidelines for further use of mobile applications as part of intelligent transport systems are indicated.