The method of identifying radar target marks from active and passive stations by means of Z-test

Circuits and Systems for Receiving, Transmitting and Signal Processing

The article describes a method of identification of target marks received by combined passive and active radar stations. The method is based on Fisher's Z-test, which allows to statistically test the hypothesis of belonging (or separate observation) of detected objects. The basis of this method are the statistical distributions of bearings obtained with passive and active stations. A mathematical model of the Z-test is builton the basis of assumptions about the deviation of the distribution of the active station’s bearing from the distribution of the total population of the passive station. We have established the conditions providing the execution of the method, as well as the restrictions that do not allow to use the Z-test. We have considered an algorithm of consecutive application of the method and have conducted a simulation with MatLab 2012, which proved the method’s effectiveness in combined radar complexes.