Autonomous Robots Group Control Using Polar Coordinates

Intellectual Systems and Technologies

Autonomous robots group coordination in order to move from arbitrary position to specific point is considered in this paper. The author proposes the approach where the static group’s leader computes each robot’s polar coordinates based on the distance sensor’s measures. Then it transmits these coordinates via a wireless network to be used for direction and disposition computations. The algorithmic model of this process, which is used for computation and saving the robots’ coordinates is presented. The paper also describes the proposed methods of the robots’ communication based on Wi-Fi networks and TCP/IP stack. In the conclusion a minimal set of on-board equipment is defined.

Citation:Onufriev V.A. Autonomous robots group control using polar coordinates. St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University Journal. Computer Science. Telecommunications and Control Systems, 2017, Vol. 10, No. 4, Pp. 97–106. DOI: 10.18721/JCSTCS.10409