The Basics of Dynamically Correcting the Sensitivity Coefficients of a Group of Single-Type Sensors for Uniform and Triangular Distribution Laws

Intellectual Systems and Technologies

It is assumed that there is an opportunity of measuring the isotropic background at an operational stage. Sorting the measured values in a group of sensors of the same type, in case of similarity of their sensitivity we obtain for each sensor a uniform picture of distribution over the positions of the sorted list. In case of a sensitivity drift of one sensor there is an imbalance: the measured values from this sensor appear in one half more often than in another. The paper presents formulas and results of the calculations establishing the dependence of the imbalance on the size of the drift of one sensor as a basis for dynamically correcting the sensitivity coefficients of the same sensors. Uniform and triangular distribution laws are used, and also the possibility of using approximate dependences for other types of distribution is offered.