The Development of an Information System for Positioning Technogenic Hazard Objects Using Fuzzy Logic

Information, Control and Measurement Systems

This article describes the development of a technogenic hazard management system aimed at landfill positioning. This information system uses fuzzy logic in its operations. The article shows that providing technogenic safety is a fundamental problem in all industrialized countries. One of the main tasks in technogenic safety is landfill positioning, and one of the convenient ways of solving it is using fuzzy logic calculations. The article describes the prerequisites for using fuzzy logic, shows a multicriteria mathematical model for data processing which is normally used in landfill positioning. This model contains a set of linguistic variables describing the input conditions of the analysis and a fuzzy rules base combining these variables. Another model used in the information system is a data processing model developed in ArcGIS Model Builder. The article also presents a logic structure of the system, an example of an information system working and a comparative analysis of the efficiency of its use.