Construction of Intelligent System for the Organization and Development of Transport System Metropolis

Intellectual Systems and Technologies

The article proves the necessity to develop a radically new system of an intellectual spatial organization and the development of metropolis. We have analyzed the approaches of the modern metropolis taking into account the development of its operational environment and transport system. We have investigated the issues regarding the cooperation of land-use, transport and urban development and analyzed the existing architectures of intelligent transport systems. To develop the intellectual system of the organization and development of the metropolis transport system, a logical-algorithmic language has been used. We have firstly developed a system of REFISANIK to ensure structural and functional homogeneity. Using a logicalgorithmic language we have described the process of synthesis and functioning of main units of the system of REFISANIK including a block system, a selective filter, a combinatorial extender of indicator links and relational regulatory approval. Practical examples demonstrate the operation of the system and its components.